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On this site, you will learn about three large topics in the subject of Nuclear Technology:
Energy, Medicine, and Weapons.


When most people think of Nuclear Energy, they think of those huge power plants with the steam coming out of the top. On the Nuclear Energy page, you'll learn more about what happens INSIDE the power plant, and the pros and cons of them.


On the medicine page, you will explore different types of scans using a nuclear chemical called a radioisotope. You will learn about different scans such as a Bone Scan, a Renal Scan, Thyroid Scan, and a MUGA Scan along with the machine used to perform the test.


Bombs away! on the weapons page. There you will learn about Fusion and Fission bombs. Though you may think they are the same, they are very different! Go to the weapons page to learn the difference, and view simulations and cool graphics!